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ASPxClientScheduler.SetTopRowTime(duration) Method

Sets the time of the day corresponding to the start of the topmost displayed time cell row.


    duration: number,
    viewType?: ASPxSchedulerViewType
): void


Name Type Description
duration number

The number of milliseconds passed since the start of the day.

viewType ASPxSchedulerViewType

An ASPxSchedulerViewType enumeration member, representing the scheduler’s View. It can be either ‘Day’ or ‘WorkWeek’.


Use this property to specify the scheduler’s top displayed time, which is the start time of the time cell in the top row. Since this method is executed on a client, it overrides the setting specified via the DayView.TopRowTime property. The DayView.ShowWorkTimeOnly and the DayView.WorkTime properties can also have effect on the top displayed time, because they define the visibility interval of the scheduler.

To obtain the top row time on the client, use the ASPxClientScheduler.GetTopRowTime method.


If the scheduler area is not scrollable, the SetTopRowTime setting has no effect. This is the case when the DevExpress.Web.ASPxScheduler.DayViewStyles.ScrollAreaHeight property is set to a value high enough to display the entire scheduler’s area without scrolling. Decrease its value to force the scroll bar to appear, so the SetTopRowTime becomes effective.

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