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ASPxClientScheduler.InsertAppointment(apt) Method

Client-side scripting method to insert the specified appointment.


    apt: ASPxClientAppointment
): void


Name Type Description
apt ASPxClientAppointment

An ASPxClientAppointment object representing the client-side appointment.


The InsertAppointment method initiates a callback command with the SchedulerCallbackCommandId.ClientSideInsertAppointment identifier. It passes client appointment property values to the server, and creates a server Appointment counterpart of the specified client appointment.

You can use the ASPxScheduler.BeforeExecuteCallbackCommand event to intercept a callback and execute a custom update command instead of the default. This can be useful if an appointment contains custom fields.

A custom command should be inherited from the DevExpress.Web.ASPxScheduler.Internal.AppointmentClientSideInsertCallbackCommand. Note that all client appointment properties, including custom fields, are passed as a string containing name:value pairs. Avoid using custom field names that duplicate standard appointment properties.

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