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ASPxClientReminderAlertNotification Class

Contains information related to the reminder alert.


declare class ASPxClientReminderAlertNotification


For each appointment, you can enable a reminder. A reminder can be invoked at a specific time period before an appointment’s start time. When the reminder alerts the ASPxClientSchedulerStorageControl.ReminderAlert event fires. You can handle the event to perform specific actions when a reminder is activated.

Multiple reminders can raise at the same time. To get these reminders, use the event’s ASPxClientSchedulerStorageReminderAlertEventArgs.alertNotifications parameter. It holds a collection of notifications represented by ASPxClientReminderAlertNotification objects. Each notification refers to the associated reminder (ASPxClientReminderAlertNotification.reminder) and has the ASPxClientReminderAlertNotification.handled property. Setting the ReminderBaseAlertNotification.Handled property to true indicates that this reminder is handled, and no default processing is required. Otherwise, the reminder will be automatically switched off via the ASPxClientReminder.Dismiss method.

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