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ASPxClientScheduler.DeselectAppointmentById(aptId) Method

Client-side function that removes the appointment specified by its client ID from a collection of selected appointments.


    aptId: string
): void


Name Type Description
aptId string

An appointment’s identifier.


The following example illustrates how to handle the ASPxClientScheduler.AppointmentsSelectionChanged client-side event and check if the selected appointment is in the past. To deselect these appointment(s), use the DeselectAppointmentById method and show a message to an end-user.

function SchedulerSelection(s, e) {
    var date =;
    var ids = e.appointmentIds;
    for (var i = 0; i < ids.length; i++) {
        var appointment = s.GetAppointmentById(ids[i]);
        if (appointment.GetEnd() - date < 0) {                    
            alert("Appointment cannot be selected");
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