ASPxClientSchedulerStorageControl Class

Represents the client-side equivalent of the ASPxSchedulerStorageControl control.


declare class ASPxClientSchedulerStorageControl extends ASPxClientControl


To run a custom JavaScript code after the ASPxSchedulerStorageControl on the page is fully initialized, use the ASPxClientGlobalEvents.ControlsInitialized event of the ASPxGlobalEvents component. This component exposes a set of server and client events, allowing you to centralize common logic for all DevExpress web controls on the form. The following markup sample illustrates the use of the ControlsInitialized event:

<dxge:ASPxGlobalEvents ID="ASPxGlobalEvents1" runat="server">
            <ClientSideEvents ControlsInitialized="function(s,e) { DoSomeAction(); }" />


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