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ASPxClientScheduler.ShowAppointmentFormByServerId(aptServerId) Method

Client-side function that invokes the editing form for the appointment specified by its storage identifier.


    aptServerId: string
): void


Name Type Description
aptServerId string

A string, representing the appointment identifier.


The function executes the SchedulerCallbackCommandId.ShowAppointmentFormByServerId command.

When the ASPxScheduler.ClientVisible property is set to true or the scheduler is placed into another hidden container, the Edit Appointment Form also becomes hidden. In this case, the ShowAppointmentFormByServerId and ASPxClientScheduler.ShowAppointmentFormByClientId methods do not show the Edit Appointment Form. To workaround the issue, add a separate (visual) container or use any of the existing containers and invoke the ASPxClientScheduler.ChangeFormContainer method before executing the ShowAppointmentFormByServerId or ASPxClientScheduler.ShowAppointmentFormByClientId methods. Refer to the How to display appointments in Agenda View by using the ASPxGridView component online example to see this scenario in action.

<div id="formContainer"></div>
<dxwschs:ASPxScheduler ID="ASPxScheduler1" runat="server" GroupType="Date" ClientInstanceName="clientScheduler" ClientVisible="false">
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