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ASPxClientScheduler.RefreshClientAppointmentProperties(clientAppointment, propertyNames, onCallBack) Method

Initiates a callback to retrieve and apply the values for the specified list of properties to the specified appointment, and transfer control to the specified function.


    clientAppointment: ASPxClientAppointment,
    propertyNames: string[],
    onCallBack: any
): void


Name Type Description
clientAppointment ASPxClientAppointment

An ASPxClientAppointment object that is the client appointment for which the data is retrieved.

propertyNames string[]

An array of strings, that are the names of appointment properties to query.

onCallBack any

A handler of a function executed after a callback.


Instead of the list of name properties, you can use the AppointmentPropertyNames class which defines the AppointmentPropertyNames.Normal property. This class returns a list of properties for the ASPxAppointmentType.Normal type and the AppointmentPropertyNames.Pattern property, returning a list of properties for the ASPxAppointmentType.Pattern type.



To get appointment property values while avoiding callbacks, handle the ASPxScheduler.InitClientAppointment event, that enables you to specify properties passed to the client appointment when it is initialized.


For the complete sample project, see the following DevExpress Support Center example:

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