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ASPxAppointmentStorage Properties

Represents a storage which holds a collection of appointments.
Name Description
AppointmentFactory Provides access to an appointment factory for the current storage. Inherited from AppointmentStorageBase.
AutoReload Gets or sets whether persistent object data is automatically fetched from the data source when it is modified. Inherited from PersistentObjectStorage<T>.
AutoRetrieveId Gets or sets whether the ID of a new appointment is retrieved from the data source.
CommitIdToDataSource Gets or sets whether the IPersistentObject.Id property value is committed to the underlying datasource.
Count Gets the number of elements contained in a collection. Inherited from PersistentObjectStorage<T>.
CustomFieldMappings Provides access to the collection of mappings of the appointment’s custom properties.
DataManager For internal use only. Inherited from AppointmentStorageBase.
Filter Gets or sets a criteria string used to filter appointments. Inherited from AppointmentStorageBase.
FilterCriteria Gets or sets the criteria to filter appointments in the storage. Inherited from AppointmentStorageBase.
IsDisposed Gets a value indicating whether a storage has been disposed of. Inherited from PersistentObjectStorage<T>.
IsLoading Gets whether the storage is being initialized. Inherited from PersistentObjectStorage<T>.
IsUpdateLocked Gets whether the storage has been locked for updating. Inherited from PersistentObjectStorage<T>.
Item[Int32] Provides indexed access to individual items in the appointment collection which can be accessed using the AppointmentStorageBase.Items property. Inherited from AppointmentStorageBase.
Items Gets the collection of appointments within the storage. Inherited from AppointmentStorageBase.
Labels Gets the collection of appointment labels.
Mappings Provides access to the object containing a set of appointment’s properties mappings.
ResourceSharing Gets or sets a value indicating whether an appointment could be shared between multiple resources. Inherited from AppointmentStorageBase.
ShouldUpdateAfterInsert Gets or sets whether the appointment storage should perform the UPDATE query after INSERT. Inherited from PersistentObjectStorage<T>.
Statuses Gets the collection of appointment statuses.
Storage Provides access to the Scheduler storage containing the current persistent object storage. Inherited from PersistentObjectStorage<T>.
SupportsRecurrence Gets whether the data mapping for appointment recurrence information is specified. Inherited from AppointmentStorageBase.
SupportsReminders Gets whether the appointment reminder data mapping is specified. Inherited from AppointmentStorageBase.
UnboundDataKeeper Creates and holds an internal data table for the unbound mode. For internal use. Inherited from PersistentObjectStorage<T>.
UnboundMode Gets a value indicating if the storage is bound to data. Inherited from PersistentObjectStorage<T>.
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