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DiagramNode Properties

A diagram node.
Name Description
ContainerKey Specifies a key of the node’s parent container node.
DataItem Returns the data item that is bound to the diagram item. Inherited from DiagramItem.
Height Specifies the height of the shape.
ImageUrl Specifies the node image’s URL.
Key Specifies the key value of the item. Inherited from DiagramItem.
Left Specifies the x-coordinate of the node’s left border.
Locked Specifies whether the node is locked.
ParentKey Specifies a key of the node’s parent node.
Style Specifies the node style.
Text Specifies the text of the node.
TextStyle Specifies the node’s text style.
Top Specifies the y-coordinate of the node’s top border.
Type Specifies the shape type for the node.
Width Specifies the width of the shape.
ZIndex Specifies the node’s z-index.
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