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Product Class Structure

Use the following links to access reference information about the most important classes in the ASPxScheduler Suite.

Class Description
ASPxScheduler A scheduler control.
ASPxClientScheduler Represents the client-side equivalent of the ASPxScheduler control.
Appointment An interface that defines an appointment in the Scheduler.
ASPxClientAppointment Represents a client-side equivalent of the Appointment class.
Resource Defines a common attribute which can be assigned to appointments to group them.
ASPxAppointmentStorage Represents a storage which holds a collection of appointments.
ASPxResourceStorage Represents a storage which holds appointment resources.
ASPxSchedulerStorage Represents a storage which holds data for the ASPxScheduler control.
ASPxSchedulerStorageControl Represents a non-visual control that enables you to implement all scheduler-based data operations using third-party web controls.
ASPxClientSchedulerStorageControl Represents the client-side equivalent of the ASPxSchedulerStorageControl control.
AppointmentLabel Represents an appointment’s identification label.
AppointmentStatus Represents an appointment’s availability status.
ASPxDateNavigator Represents a Date Navigator.
ASPxResourceNavigator Represents the Resource Navigator control.
DayView Represents a Day View.
WorkWeekView Represents a Work-Week View.
WeekView Represents a Week View.
MonthView Represents a Month (Multi-Week) View.
TimelineView Represents a Timeline View.