Customizing Item's Images

ASPxRatingControl enables you to modify its appearance by customizing images for items. You can set a uniform image for all items, or a specific image for each item as shown on the picture.


To specify custom image use the ASPxRatingControl.ImageMapUrl, ASPxRatingControl.ItemWidth and ASPxRatingControl.ItemHeight properties.

The custom image combines a set of images (with specific height and width), arranged in tabular format. Here, each column identifies an image for a corresponding item in different states (checked, clicked, etc.) specified by rows. The columns count should correspond to the items count (the ASPxRatingControl.ItemCount property). To set a uniform image for all items, it's sufficient to specify only one column with images within a custom image.

The ASPxRatingControl's ASPxRatingControl.ItemWidth and ASPxRatingControl.ItemHeight properties should be set to the item image's width and height, as shown in the picture.


The custom image is parsed into constituent parts - item images with specified width and height, which are applied to the corresponding ASPxRatingControl items. For the custom image with one column, its parsed item images repeat themselves for all items.