Preserving Value Types

The types of values maintained by the ASPxHiddenField component are automatically preserved, regardless of whether you write server code (using C# or VB) or client code (using JavaScript).

For example, on the server side, a date-time value can be inserted into the control’s value collection in the following manner:

ASPxHiddenField1["myBirthDay"] = new DateTime(1985, 8, 29);

Then, on the client side, this value can be accessed and modified as a date object:

var date = ASPxHiddenField1.Get("myBirthDay");
date.setHours(15, 23); // You can manipulate this as a date value
ASPxHiddenField1.Set("myBirthDay", date);

And, after that, on the server side, you can again manipulate this value as a date object:

DateTime date = (DateTime)ASPxHiddenField1["myBirthDay"];
int hour = date.Hour; // We get value 15 here
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