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Virtual Scrolling

By default, the horizontal and vertical scrollbars operate in the standard way: they scroll data rows displayed within the current page or the entire control content. But when ASPxPivotGrid is bound to a large data source, it takes more time to load all records, and that reduces performance.

When an end-user scrolls the pivot grid’s content in virtual scrolling mode, the ASPxPivotGrid control sends callbacks to dynamically load the required page. To enable this functionality, set the PivotGridWebOptionsView.HorizontalScrollingMode and PivotGridWebOptionsView.VerticalScrollingMode properties to Virtual mode for horizontal and vertical scrolling respectively.

In virtual mode, the vertical scroll bar can be used with the built-in pager and the ASPxPivotGrid automatically switches to the required page.


Specify the following options to ensure that virtual scrolling operates properly.

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