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Adding Panes

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This topic describes how to add new panes to an ASP.NET Chart Control’s chart diagram at design time. Before proceeding with this section, you may wish to review the following help topic on pane fundamentals: Panes Overview.

The topic consists of the following sections.

Adding Panes

You can assign a new pane to a series at design time as follows.

  • In the Properties window, click the Series ellipsis button to invoke the Series Collection Editor.



  • Switch to the Properties tab in the Series Collection Editor, expand the series view and locate the XYDiagramSeriesViewBase.Pane property.
  • Click the XYDiagramSeriesViewBase.Pane property’s drop-down menu and select New pane.


  • Click Close, to apply the changes and quit the dialog.

    A new pane with default settings will automatically be created and associated with the current series.


Additional panes reside in the diagram’s collection, which can be accessed from the XYDiagram2D.Panes property. If you need to access the pane collection (to create an additional pane, or to customize an existing pane) at design time, select your chart, and expand the WebChartControl.Diagram property in the Properties window. In the list of its options, locate the XYDiagram2D.Panes property and click its ellipsis button.


This invokes the Pane Collection Editor.


In this dialog, click Add to create a new pane, and then use the available properties to customize its size and appearance. These properties are briefly described in the following help topics:

To apply the changes and quit the dialog, click Close.

Then, use the XYDiagramSeriesViewBase.Pane property (located in the Properties tab of the Series Collection Editor) to associate the newly created pane with an existing series. To learn more on how to invoke this editor at design time, see the following section: Adding Panes.



Click Close to apply the changes and quit the dialog. The chart should now appear as follows.



The following step-by-step examples on multi-pane chart creation are available.