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Prioritized Appearance and the Appearance Template

This document describes the priority of a chart element’s appearance properties and the chart’s appearance template.

Each visual element of a chart has a set of special Appearance properties, to determine the look of its elements (border, font, background, etc.).

When the appearance property settings conflict with the WebChartControl.AppearanceName property values, then this property should be set to an empty value. For example, when the SeriesViewBase.Color property is set to some value, this value ignores the appearance that is defined for the chart. If, however, you set this property to Color.Empty, the appearance-dictated setting will be used.


To reset a property’s value at design time, click a property’s value field, select its contents, press DELETE, and then ENTER.


For information on how to customize the appearance of different chart elements, see the corresponding topics in the following section: Chart Elements.

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