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Interval Grouping

This topic illustrates how to use the card view interval grouping functionality.


In database server mode, the card view does not support interval grouping or grouping by multiple columns. In this mode, the card view always groups cards by the specified column’s values.

Interval grouping allows you to change the default grouping logic, especially for columns that contain date/time values. For example, the card view can arrange cards by month or year (or alphabetically, based on the first letter of each record in a specific text column). A column’s CardViewDataColumnSettings.GroupInterval property specifies how to group cards in interval grouping mode (by month, by year, alphabetically, etc.).

When the card view groups cards by date/time values, the control ignores the time component and uses only the date portion of date/time values. The control combines cards in a single group if these cards contain the same date components, but different time components.