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Grid Elements that Support Templates

The ASPxCardView control provides a set of templates that specify the layout of its elements. These templates are listed in the table below.

Element Template Property
Data Item CardViewTemplates.DataItem
Card CardViewTemplates.Card
CardFooter CardViewTemplates.CardFooter
CardHeader CardViewTemplates.CardHeader
Edit Form CardViewTemplates.EditForm
Title Panel CardViewTemplates.TitlePanel
Status Bar CardViewTemplates.StatusBar
Header CardViewTemplates.Header
EditItem CardViewTemplates.EditItem
PagerBar CardViewTemplates.PagerBar
Header Panel CardViewTemplates.HeaderPanel

Columns provide their own templates. This allows you to provide a custom layout for their elements (headers, cells).

Element Template Property
Data Item CardViewColumn.DataItemTemplate
Edit Item CardViewColumn.EditItemTemplate
Header CardViewColumn.HeaderTemplate