Arc Scale

An Arc Scale is the main circular gauge element because all other elements (e.g., range bars, needles, ranges, etc.) can be placed on it.

A scale is used to show a range of values with tickmarks and scale labels. It is represented by the ArcScale class.

The Circular Gauge can contain an unlimited number of scales. The image below demonstrates a gauge with two scales.


The following table lists the main properties affecting element behavior and appearance.

Characteristics Members
Basic ArcScale.MinValue,ArcScale.MaxValue,ArcScale.Value,ArcScale.Percent
Layout ArcScale.Center,ArcScale.RadiusX,ArcScale.RadiusY,ArcScale.ScaleLength,ArcScale.AutoRescaling,ArcScale.RescalingBestValues,ArcScale.RescalingThresholdMax,ArcScale.RescalingThresholdMin
Elements ArcScale.Labels,ArcScale.Ranges,ArcScale.MajorTickmark,ArcScale.MinorTickmark
Behaviour ArcScale.TickCount,ArcScale.MajorTickCount,ArcScale.MinorTickCount,ArcScale.NeedleVector
Appearance ArcScale.Appearance