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Printing Overview

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The DXPrinting Library provides DevExpress WPF controls with methods to print and export documents. This topic consists of the following sections:

Printing and Exporting DevExpress WPF Controls

DevExpress data-aware WPF controls (e.g., Data Grid, Pivot Grid) provide functionality to print or export its data. For example, they provide methods used to generate a report and display the preview dialog (see the image below).


With this dialog, an end-user can print or export a report, specify its page and printer settings, or send a report via e-mail.

You can export control data to a file in the following formats: CSV, HTML, MHT, PDF, RTF, TXT, XLS, XLSX, XLSB, XPS, and multiple image formats.

DevExpress WPF controls provide multiple printing options, styles, and templates, allowing you to customize the content and visual presentation of a printed report.

See the following topics, which describe methods and properties used to print and export particular controls:

Advanced Printing and Exporting

DXPrinting Library provides the capability to manually design custom printed reports. See the Printing Custom Reports topic to learn more.

Grid-Based Report Generation allows you to produce a report with the same data, design, and layout as displayed in your GridControl.