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.NET Standard 2.0+

Boolean Properties

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In XAF, Boolean and Nullable Boolean properties can be displayed in WinForms and ASP.NET Web Forms applications through:


Refer to the Property Editors | Boolean Properties section in the Feature Center demo installed with XAF to see Boolean Property Editors in action. The Feature Center demo is installed in %PUBLIC%\Documents\DevExpress Demos 22.1\Components\XAF\FeatureCenter.NETFramework.XPO. The ASP.NET Web Forms version of this demo is available online at



 XAF Boolean Properties WinForms

Each WinForms Property Editor has a control that displays a corresponding property in a Detail View, and a repository item that displays a property in a List Editor that supports in-place editing. Both the control and repository item are shown below.



  • BooleanEdit - a descendant of the XtraEditors Library’s CheckEdit editor;
  • BoolComboBoxEdit - a descendant of the XtraEditors Library’s ImageComboBoxEdit editor.

Repository Items:


The BooleanEdit control and the RepositoryItemBooleanEdit repository item are used by default.

The BoolComboBoxEdit control and RepositoryItemBoolComboBoxEdit repository item are used if at least one of the following pairs are specified:

ASP.NET Web Forms

XAF Boolean Properties Web Forms

Each ASP.NET Web Forms Property Editor has controls that display a property in a Detail View‘s View and Edit mode (see DetailView.ViewEditMode). These controls are listed below.


View mode controls:

Edit mode controls:


Used to display Boolean properties.

The ASPxCheckBox control is used in both View and Edit modes by default.

The ASPxImageLabelControl control and ASPxComboBox controls are used in the View and Edit modes, if at least one of the following pairs are specified: