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.NET Framework 4.5.2+

Business Model Design with Entity Framework Core

XAF WinForms and ASP.NET Core Blazor Server UI support the Entity Framework Core data model. Additionally you can use Security System for Entity Framework Core in non-XAF apps.

Entity Framework Core support in XAF is provided by the following assemblies:

  • DevExpress.ExpressApp.EFCore.v22.1.dll
  • DevExpress.EntityFrameworkCore.Security.v22.1.dll

The supported version of EF Core is 5. If you use the Solution Wizard to create a EF Core-based XAF solution, then EF Core is installed automatically by the wizard. To learn how to install EF Core manually, refer to the following help topic: Installing Entity Framework Core.


We extensively test our Entity Framework support against Microsoft SQL Server only.

Please contact us if you encounter issues with other database providers.

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