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.NET Framework 4.5.2+

Boolean Properties in XPO

  • 2 minutes to read

The example below illustrates how to implement Boolean Properties in an XPO persistent class.

// By default, a Boolean property is displayed via a CheckEdit control.
public bool BooleanProperty {
    get { return booleanProperty; }
    set { SetPropertyValue(nameof(BooleanProperty), ref booleanProperty, value); }
// To use a drop-down control, specify captions with the CaptionsForBoolValues attribute.
private bool booleanWithCaptions;
[CaptionsForBoolValues("TRUE", "FALSE")]
public bool BooleanWithCaptions {
    get { return booleanWithCaptions; }
    set { SetPropertyValue(nameof(BooleanWithCaptions), ref booleanWithCaptions, value); }
// To display images in a drop-down, apply the ImagesForBoolValues attribute.
private bool booleanWithImages;
[ImagesForBoolValues("ImageForTrue", "ImageForFalse")]
[CaptionsForBoolValues("TRUE", "FALSE")]
public bool BooleanWithImages {
    get { return booleanWithImages; }
    set { SetPropertyValue(nameof(BooleanWithImages), ref booleanWithImages, value); }

You can also specify captions and images via the following properties in the Model Editor: