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Specify Data Source Settings (Object)

This page appears if you selected Object on the previous page.


Choose an Object

Select a constructor from the list. The selected constructor creates an object data source.

Static classes do not have constructors. Select a class in this case.



The Data Source Wizard lists only the registered types. See Register Types for Object Data Source Wizard for details.

Choose a Data Member

Select the method that should provide data or select Entire Object to bind to the type’s fields.


Configure Parameters

Specify constructor and/or data member parameters (optional).


You can use expressions to provide data source parameter values. Click the button to switch the parameter’s editor to the expression mode. Specify an expression in the parameter’s editor or click the parameter’s ellipsis button to launch the Expression Editor. You can use report parameters in expressions to specify an input value for a data source parameter.

To return to the value mode, click the button again.

Click Next to proceed.

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