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Specify Data Source Settings (JSON)

This page appears when you select JSON on the start page.

Select an Existing Data Connection

Select the first option and choose an item from the data connection list.

Create a New Data Connection

Select the second option to create a new connection.

Specify the connection name and select the JSON source type. In this example, JSON data is obtained from the DevExpress JSON sample data location.

  • Web Service Endpoint (URI)

    You can also specify Web Service Endpoint request parameters (path parameters, HTTP headers, or query parameters).

  • JSON String

    You can also use the Upload JSON button to load content from the selected JSON file.

Select Data Fields

At this step, the wizard shows JSON schema. Check the data fields you want to include in your report.

Schema loading in Data Source Wizard is optimized; in other words, the schema is loaded on demand when nodes are expanded to display child elements. You can call the DevExpress.Analytics.Wizard.AutoQueryPreload function to load the entire schema at once.

Click Next to proceed.