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Ribbon Commands

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Home Tab


Ribbon Icon Command Keyboard Shortcut Description
Build Ribbon Button Build F6 Performs an incremental build.
Rebuild Ribbon Button Rebuild - Cleans and then builds the solution from scratch, ignoring anything is done before.
Clean Ribbon Button Clean - Removes the build artifacts from the previous build.
Publish Ribbon Button Publish Ctrl+F6 Builds a theme assembly.
Inspect Element Ribbon Button Inspect Element Ctrl+D Expands the Visual Tree nodes, displays the element’s XAML code, and highlights the selected element.
Filter Colors Ribbon Button Filter Colors Ctrl+E Allows you to find colors of the selected element in a Preview.
Highlight Colors Ribbon Button Highlight Colors Ctrl+H Allows you to find elements with a particular color. This tool works in the Palette Window and the Individual Colors Window.
Touch Mode Ribbon Button Touch Mode - Reloads and displays the Preview Window content in the touch mode.
Color Picker Ribbon Button Color Picker Ctrl+P Allows you to pick a color from any on-screen application.
Zoom In Ribbon Button Zoom In Ctrl+OemPlus Zooms in a preview.
Zoom Out Ribbon Button Zoom Out Ctrl+OemMinus Zooms out a preview.
Zoom Ribbon Button Zoom - Changes a preview’s zoom level.
Reload Preview Ribbon Button Reload Preview Ctrl+R Reloads a preview.
Ignore System DPI Ribbon Button Ignore System DPI Ignores the system’s scaling value and reloads the preview with 100% scale. This button is displayed only if the system’s scaling value is not equals 100%.
Run Complex Preview Ribbon Button Run Complex Preview - Runs a new window with your theme applied to DevExpress WPF Controls, grouped in a sample application layout.
Views Ribbon Button Views - Hides/displays the Theme Designer windows.
Reset Layout Ribbon Button Reset Layout - Restores the default Theme Designer application’s layout.

Palette Tab

Palette Ribbon Tab

Ribbon Icon Command Description
btnAdd.png Add Adds a new color item to the palette.
btnRemove.png Remove Removes a palette item.
btnRename.png Rename Renames a palette item.
btnRename.png Export Exports the current palette as a class to a .cs file. Refer to the WPF Palettes topic for more information.
btnRename.png Import Applies a ready-to-use palette to the current theme.

Quick Access Toolbars (QAT)

You can use Save, Save All, Undo, and Redo commands in the Ribbon’s Quick Access Toolbar:

Ribbon Quck Access Toolbar