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Ribbon Commands

Home Tab


Ribbon Icon Command Keyboard Shortcut Description
btnBuild.png Build F6 Performs an incremental build.
btnRebuild.png Rebuild - Cleans and then builds the solution from scratch, ignoring anything is done before.
btnClean.png Clean - Removes the build artifacts from the previous build.
btnPublish.png Publish Ctrl+F6 Builds a theme assembly.
btnReloadPreview.png Reload Preview Ctrl+R Reloads a preview.
btnViewInXaml.png View In Xaml Ctrl+D Opens a selected element's XAML code.
btnElementColors.png Filter Colors Ctrl+E Allows you to find colors of the selected element in a Preview. Refer to the Filter Colors Tool topic for more information.
btnHighlightColors.png Highlight Colors Ctrl+H Allows you to find elements with a particular color. This tool works in the Palette Window and the Individual Colors Window. Refer to the Highlight Colors Tool topic for more information.
btnTouchMode.png Touch Mode - Reloads and displays the Preview Window content in the touch mode.
btnZoomIn.png Zoom In Ctrl+OemPlus Zooms in a preview.
btnZoomOut.png Zoom Out Ctrl+OemMinus Zooms out a preview.
btnZoom.png Zoom - Changes a preview's zoom level.
btnColorPicker.png Color Picker Ctrl+P Allows you to pick a color from any on-screen application. Refer to the Color Picker Tool topic for more information.
btnRunComplexPreview.png Run Complex Preview - Runs a new window with your theme applied to DevExpress WPF Controls, grouped in a sample application layout. See the Complex Previews topic for more information.

View Tab

ribbon views

Ribbon Icon Command Description
btn_Navigation.png Navigation Window Hides/displays the Navigation window.
btn_Preview.png Preview Window Hides/displays the Preview window.
btn_Palette.png Palette Window Hides/displays the Palette window.
btn_IndividualColors.png Individual Colors Window Hides/displays the Individual Colors window.
btn_Output.png Output Window Hides/displays the Output window.
btn_Color_Wheel.png Color Wheel Window Hides/displays the Color Wheel window.
btnCodeView.png CodeView Hides/displays the CodeView window.
btnSolutionExplorer.png Solution Explorer Hides/displays the Solution Explorer window.
btn_RestoreLayout.png Restore Layout Restores the Theme Designer application layout to the default state.

Contextual Command tab for the Palette Window

This tab is visible when you focus the Palette window.


Ribbon Icon Command Description
btnAdd.png Add Adds a new color item to the palette.
btnRemove.png Remove Removes a palette item.
btnRename.png Rename Renames a palette item.
btnRename.png Export Exports the current palette as a class to a .cs file. Refer to the WPF Palettes topic for more information.
btnRename.png Import Applies a ready-to-use palette to the current theme.

Quick Access Toolbars (QAT)

You can use Save, Save All, Undo, and Redo commands in the Ribbon QAT.