Theme Designer is a standalone tool that is not supplied as a part of the DXperience installation and should be downloaded separately. This topic describes how to get, install and run Theme Designer. Note that it requires the DevExpress WPF components.


Use this link to download the Theme Designer intallation file.

Run the installation file and follow further instructions of the setup wizard.

When the installation is completed, run the Theme Designer in the Start Menu | All Apps | Developer Express Inc | DevExpress Theme Designer to start the tool.

Application Settings

The WPF Theme Designer requires DXperience installation to work. When installed, it automatically detects paths to DXperience binaries and sources.

Open the Settings tab, click the add button, and specify the following fields to work with the binaries and sources from a custom location:

  1. Name - a custom text that allows you to identify your DevExpress installation;
  2. Bin path - a path to a folder where the DevExpress binaries are stored;
  3. Source path - a path to a folder where the DevExpress sources are stored.
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