Build and Export New Themes

The Theme designer allows you to build ready to use theme assemblies, and export edited theme as a Visual Studio solution for further editing and building. This topic covers both of these scenarios.

Publish Edited Themes

You need to build a theme assembly to apply a theme to your application. Click the ribbon's Publish item to build your theme assembly.


When the build is completed, the Theme Designer prompts you to open a folder with the published assembly.



The default location of a theme assembly file is "C:\Users\%user_name%\Documents\Theme Designer\%theme_name%\.td\Publish".

Export Edited Themes

The Theme Designer allows you to export the theme project as a Visual Studio solution. You can edit and build the exported theme in Visual Studio.

Follow the next steps to export a theme:

  1. go to the Export tab;
  2. specify the folder where you want to export your solution;
  3. click the Export button.