Upgrade Themes

We are constantly improving the visual appearance of our products. For this purpose, we may modify and/or refactor our themes between major and minor releases. As a result, custom themes created with older DevExpress versions may become incompatible with newer releases. We have created the Upgrade mechanism to help you migrate to a newer DevExpress version.

If you upgrade the WPF Controls, you need to upgrade themes based on these WPF Controls.


The Your_Theme_Folder\.td\Origin folder stores a copy of your base DevExpress WPF Theme. Do not delete this folder, it is required for an upgrade.

Follow the next steps to upgrade your theme:

  1. go to the Upgrade Tab;
  2. specify the .tdsln file path of a theme you want to upgrade;
  3. choose the target version;
  4. click the Upgrade button.


The upgrade process is automatic, but the Theme Designer may ask you to resolve conflicts if any. Resolve all merge conflicts to complete the upgrade and continue editing your theme in the Theme Designer. Refer to the Resolve Merge Conflicts topic for more information.

Upgrade Window