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Resolve Merge Conflicts

This topic describes how to resolve merge conflicts when you upgrade or import a theme.

Theme Designer uses the KDiff3 tool (shipped with the Theme Designer) that performs the three-way merge to upgrade/import a theme. When a merge conflict occurs, you see the following window:

Upgrade: Conflicts Message

In this window, right click a file and choose a file version ('Theirs' or 'Mine') to take this file version and resolve a conflict without using the KDiff3 tool:

Upgrade: Conflicts Message

Choose files you want to resolve, and click Resolve conflicts, Resolve Selected, or Resolve All to open files you have chosen in the Kdiff3 tool:

Kdiff3 Window

The KDiff3 tool uses three input directories to resolve upgrade merge conflicts:

  • The original DevExpress theme's old version (the parent theme stored within your custom theme; file 'A').

    Location: Your_Theme_Folder\.td\OriginTheme folder.

  • Your custom theme's old version (file 'B').

    Location: Your_Theme_Folder\.td\Sources folder.

  • The original DevExpress theme's latest version (file 'C').

    Location: DevExpress WPF Controls folder.

Refer to the KDiff3 merge topic for more information on how to resolve conflicts in the KDiff3 tool.