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Image Slider

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The ImageSlider is an image-browsing control with two clickable navigation elements that become visible when hovered.


The following are the main members the control provides:

The ImageSlider control provides support for touch-input devices.

Pager Navigation

The RadioGroup and WindowsUIButtonPanel can be used as a pager for the following controls:


The pager automatically splits the target control's content into pages, and provides navigation buttons to scroll to corresponding pages. The pager navigation functionality is implemented as a Behavior and can be added to your controls using the BehaviorManager component.


The example demonstrates how to create and customize an ImageSlider control.

XtraEditors ImageSlider

using DevExpress.XtraEditors.Controls;

ImageSlider mySlider = new ImageSlider();
mySlider.Parent = this;
mySlider.Size = new Size(240, 200);
//Populate ImageSlider with images
//Increase image sliding animation duration (default is 700 ms)
mySlider.AnimationTime = 1200;
//Display images at the center of ImageSlider in their original size
mySlider.LayoutMode = DevExpress.Utils.Drawing.ImageLayoutMode.MiddleCenter;
//Slide to the next image