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Specify Data Source Settings (Database)

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Select a Data Connection

The “Choose a data connection” page appears if you select Database on the start page. Select an existing connection from the list.


Choose Queries

The next page allows you to create/edit a query or select a stored procedure. The image below displays a generated query displayed in the SQL string editor.


Click Run Query Builder… to launch the Query Builder and choose the tables/columns visually.

Configure Query Parameters

If the SQL query contains query parameters, click Next to configure them.


You can use the following approaches to specify a parameter value:

  • Assign a static value

    Select a query parameter’s type from the Type drop-down list and specify a value based on the selected type.

  • Provide a dynamic parameter value

    Set the Type option to Expression and specify the Result Type. Click the Value option’s ellipsis button and construct an expression in the invoked Expression Editor.

Click Finish to create a new data source.


The database wizard pages are identified by the following API:

Page Name Page ID Class
Choose Connection (Database) SqlDataSourceWizardPageId.ChooseConnectionPage ChooseSqlConnectionPage
Choose Queries SqlDataSourceWizardPageId.ConfigureQueryPage ConfigureQueryPage
Configure Query Parameters SqlDataSourceWizardPageId.ConfigureParametersPage ConfigureQueryParametersPage
Choose Queries (a multi-query version) SqlDataSourceWizardPageId.MultiQueryConfigurePage MultiQueryConfigurePage
Configure Query Parameters (a multi-query version) SqlDataSourceWizardPageId.MultiQueryConfigureParametersPage MultiQueryConfigureParametersPage
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