Dashboard Item Caption - Customization

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The Dashboard Item Caption can contain a dashboard item name, a data item container name, interactivity information and command buttons. Built-in functionality and settings which persist and can be saved in the dashboard definition file are described in the Dashboard Item Caption topic.

You can also customize the dashboard item caption in your application at runtime by handling the DashboardDesigner.CustomizeDashboardItemCaption event. This approach allows you to modify the text displayed in the caption, deliberately hide command buttons, and add custom buttons and drop-down menus to perform actions which can benefit end-users.

The following properties are accessible in the CustomizeDashboardItemCaption event handler:


The text displayed in the dashboard item caption.


Additional text displayed in the caption to the left of the main text. You can provide any relevant text.


Provides access to a collection of items (command buttons and other bar items) located in the dashboard item caption. You can modify the collection to remove or add built-in or custom items.


Provides you with the DashboardItem.ComponentName property value. You can use it to identify a dashboard item for which the event occurs.


Allows you to hide the caption of a certain dashboard item.

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