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Printing and Exporting

All controls included in the DevExpress Dashboard Suite allow end-users to print/export an entire dashboard or individual dashboard items. If necessary, you can implement server export for the Web Dashboard using the ASPxDashboardExporter class.

The following operations are available:



Print Preview


The Print Preview window displays the dashboard/dashboard item as it appears on paper. This functionality is available for the WinForms Designer and Viewer.

Export to PDF

WinForms, Web, WPF

When exporting to PDF, end-users can specify various document options such as a page layout and size, title settings, etc.

Export to Image

WinForms, Web, WPF

In this case, end-users can specify image options such as an image format and resolution.

Export to Excel/CSV

WinForms, Web, WPF

Note that in this case, only raw data displayed within the dashboard/dashboard item is exported.


Exporting to CSV is not supported for the entire dashboard.

The following topics describe the printing/exporting capabilities depending on the control used:


Note that the DevExpress Dashboard does not print/export the dashboard/dashboard items in an exact WYSIWYG way. For instance, dashboard items have no borders on the printed document; font settings can be changed, etc.

Printing/Exporting Specifics

The following specifics apply to the printed/exported document depending on whether an entire dashboard or an individual dashboard item is printed/exported:

  • If an end-user prints/exports an entire dashboard, its current state is preserved (that is, the dashboard layout, the scroll position of individual dashboard items and selections within master filter items).
  • When an individual dashboard item is printed, the entire item's content is reflected in the printed document regardless of the item's current scroll position.

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