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Range Filter

The Range Filter dashboard item allows you to apply filtering to other dashboard items. This item displays a chart with selection thumbs that allow you to filter out values displayed along the argument axis.

Watch Video: DevExpress Dashboards: Working with the Range Filter (YouTube)


This section consists of the following subsections.

  • Providing Data

    Explains how to supply the Range Filter dashboard item with data.

  • Series

    Enumerates and describes different types of series that can be displayed within the Range Filter dashboard item.

  • Interactivity

    Describes features that enable interaction between the Range Filter and other dashboard items.

  • Predefined Ranges

    Shows you how to add predefined date-time periods that can be used to perform a selection (for instance, year-to-date or quarter-to-date).

  • Coloring

    Describes coloring capabilities of the Range Filter dashboard item.

  • Printing and Exporting

    Describes the specifics of printing and exporting a Range Filter dashboard item.