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You can completely replace the look and feel of PopupMenu view elements using templates. The extension allows you to create templates for various element types: the item text, the entire item content and the item submenu. Templates can be defined at different object levels at the same time (for instance, at the extension level and at the item level). In this case, templates created at a lower level in the logical tree take precedence over other templates for the same element (that is a template defined at the item level has precedence over the same element template created at the extension level).

The table below lists the members used to create templates.

Item level templates Extension level templates
Item text template MVCxMenuItem.SetTextTemplateContent MenuSettingsBase.SetItemTextTemplateContent
Item template MVCxMenuItem.SetTemplateContent MenuSettingsBase.SetItemTemplateContent
Submenu template MVCxMenuItem.SetSubMenuTemplateContent MenuSettingsBase.SetSubMenuTemplateContent