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Pane Collapsing and Expanding

A Splitter allows its panes to be collapsed in a backward or forward direction, and then be expanded back again. End-users can collapse panes on the client by using the specific collapse forward button and collapse backward button, which can be displayed within separators.

To enable/disable this feature for all panes of a Splitter, use the SplitterSettings.ShowCollapseBackwardButton and SplitterSettings.ShowCollapseForwardButton properties. For individual panes, these settings can be overridden with the help of the SplitterPane.ShowCollapseBackwardButton (via MVCxSplitterPane.ShowCollapseBackwardButton) and SplitterPane.ShowCollapseForwardButton (via MVCxSplitterPane.ShowCollapseForwardButton) properties of a pane object.

The state of an individual pane can be defined by using the SplitterPane.Collapsed (via MVCxSplitterPane.Collapsed) property, or by calling the ASPxClientSplitterPane.Collapse or ASPxClientSplitterPane.Expand method. The client ASPxClientSplitterPane.IsCollapsed method can also be used on the client to identify the current state of a pane.

You can respond to pane state changes on the client side by assigning the event handlers to corresponding properties: SplitterClientSideEvents.PaneCollapsing, SplitterClientSideEvents.PaneCollapsed, SplitterClientSideEvents.PaneExpanding and SplitterClientSideEvents.PaneExpanded. These properties are available via the SplitterSettings.ClientSideEvents property.