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Dropdown Edit

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The BootstrapDropDownEdit represents an editor containing an edit box to display the editor value and a specific button that opens a dropdown window whose content can be templated. The main purpose of the Bootstrap Dropdown Edit is to allow you to define its value based upon the value(s) of other control(s) integrated into the editor’s DropDownWindowTemplate.

The image below demonstrates the Bootstrap Dropdown Edit control containing the Bootstrap List Box and the Bootstrap Button controls templated into the BootstrapDropDownWindow.


Bootstrap Dropdown Edit offers following features:

  • Templated Content

    The dropdown window’s content can be templated (using the ASPxDropDownEdit.DropDownWindowTemplate property).

  • Null Prompt Text

    You can use editor’s ASPxDropDownEdit.NullText property to display a prompt in the editor’s edit box. The prompt text disappears when the editor receives focus.

  • Customizable Button Collection

    The Bootstrap Dropdown Edit control provides a collection to maintain its custom edit buttons. Each button exposes a set of properties allowing the button’s appearance and behavior to be defined. You can use the BootstrapDropDownEdit.Buttons property to populate button collection.

  • Built-in Validation

    The Bootstrap Dropdown Edit control allows you to perform data validation both on the client and server side. You can specify an editor value as essential, validate it based on a regular expression, or implement a custom validation.

  • Full-Featured Client-Side API

    Bootstrap Dropdown Edit provides you with a comprehensive client-side API. This API is implemented using JavaScript and is exposed via the BootstrapClientDropDownEdit object. The BootstrapClientDropDownEdit object serves as the client-side equivalent of the BootstrapDropDownEdit control.

    You can operate with the editor values using the following methods.

    Method Description
    ASPxClientDropDownEdit.GetKeyValue Obtains the key value associated with the text displayed within the editor’s edit box.
    ASPxClientDropDownEdit.SetKeyValue Specifies the key value associated with the text displayed within the editor’s edit box.
    ASPxClientDropDownEditBase.HideDropDown Closes the opened drop down window of the editor.
    ASPxClientDropDownEditBase.ShowDropDown Invokes the editor’s drop down window.