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Check Box

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The BootstrapCheckBox control is a check editor that allows end-users to select yes/no or true/false conditions. A check state can be switched by clicking the editor with the mouse or by pressing the SPACE key when the editor has focus.


Bootstrap Check Box offers the following features:

  • Three State Support

    By default, a check box can be set to either the checked or unchecked check state. Additionally, you can enable the third grayed (indeterminate) state using the ASPxCheckBox.AllowGrayed property.

  • Multi-Field Mode

    A single item of a combo box can display values obtained from several data fields. By default, the displayed values are separated by a semicolon. Fields are stored in a collection of the BootstrapListBoxFieldCollection type, which can be accessed using the combo box’s BootstrapComboBox.Fields property. An individual field can be accessed within the collection using indexer notation. A field can be mapped to a data source’s column using the ListBoxColumn.FieldName property.

  • Full-Featured Client-Side API

    Bootstrap Check Box provides you with a comprehensive client-side API. This API is implemented using JavaScript and is exposed via the BootstrapClientCheckBox object. The BootstrapClientCheckBox object serves as the client-side equivalent of the BootstrapCheckBox control.

    You can operate with the editor values using the following methods.

    Method Description
    BootstrapClientCheckBox.GetChecked Returns a value indicating whether the check box editor is checked.
    BootstrapClientCheckBox.GetCheckState Returns a value which specifies a check box checked state.
    BootstrapClientCheckBox.GetText Returns the text displayed within the editor.
    BootstrapClientCheckBox.SetChecked Sets a value which specifies the checked status of the check box editor.
    BootstrapClientCheckBox.SetCheckState Sets a value specifying the state of a check box.
    BootstrapClientCheckBox.SetText Sets the text to be displayed within the editor.