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ASPxClientScheduler.AppointmentsSelectionChanged Event

Occurs on the client side when the user selects an appointment.


AppointmentsSelectionChanged: ASPxClientEvent<AppointmentsSelectionEventHandler<ASPxClientScheduler>>

Event Data

The AppointmentsSelectionChanged event's data class is AppointmentsSelectionEventArgs. The following properties provide information specific to this event:

Property Description
appointmentIds Gets identifiers of the selected appointments.


The AppointmentsSelectionEventArgs.appointmentIds property returns a comma separated list of IDs for the selected appointments. You can use the ASPxClientScheduler.GetAppointmentProperties method to obtain the values of appointment properties.

The code snippet below handles the ASPxClientScheduler.AppointmentsSelectionChanged event by calling the user-defined JavaScript function and passing the sender object (ASPxScheduler) and a list of appointment IDs.

<ClientSideEvents AppointmentsSelectionChanged="function(s, e) {
                OnAppointmentsSelectionChanged(s, e.appointmentIds); }" />


Use the ASPxClientScheduler.SelectionChanged event to track time cells selection.

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