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ASPxClientScheduler.AppointmentResizing Event

A client-side event that occurs when an appointment is being resized.


AppointmentResizing: ASPxClientEvent<AppointmentResizingEventHandler<ASPxClientScheduler>>

Event Data

The AppointmentResizing event's data class is ASPxClientAppointmentResizingEventArgs. The following properties provide information specific to this event:

Property Description
allow Specifies whether or not an appointment can be resized to the new time interval.
appointmentId Gets the resized appointment’s identifier.
mouseEvent Gets a mouse event object related to the current appointment resizing operation.
newInterval Gets the appointment’s interval after resizing.
oldInterval Gets the appointment’s interval before resizing.


In this example, handle the ASPxClientScheduler.AppointmentResizing event to disable resizing appointments with the “Completed” status. The ASPxScheduler.InitClientAppointment event is used to pass custom field values (that store additional information about appointments) to the client appointments.

protected void ASPxScheduler1_InitClientAppointment(object sender, InitClientAppointmentEventArgs args) {
// Custom Field values (additional information about appointments) are passed to the client appointments so that these fields values can be analyzed in JS
    args.Properties.Add("cpCompleted", args.Appointment.CustomFields["LessonCompleted"]);
    args.Properties.Add("cpCustomRecurringFlag", args.Appointment.CustomFields["CustomRecurringFlag"]);
    args.Properties.Add("cpCustomRecurringID", args.Appointment.CustomFields["CustomRecurringID"]);
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