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ASPxClientScheduler.AppointmentDoubleClick Event

Occurs when the end-user double clicks on an appointment.


AppointmentDoubleClick: ASPxClientEvent<AppointmentClickEventHandler<ASPxClientScheduler>>

Event Data

The AppointmentDoubleClick event's data class is AppointmentClickEventArgs. The following properties provide information specific to this event:

Property Description
appointmentId Gets the client appointment ID for the appointment being clicked.
handled Gets or sets whether an event is handled, and that default actions are not required.
htmlElement Gets the HTML element that the event was triggered on.


Handle this event to perform required actions on the client side via JavaScript. The AppointmentClickEventArgs.appointmentId property represents the client ID of the appointment. You can retrieve a client appointment by its ID using the ASPxClientScheduler.GetAppointmentById method, but appointment properties are generally unavailable until a ASPxClientScheduler.RefreshClientAppointmentProperties method is called. Set the AppointmentClickEventArgs.handled property to true if an event handler involves a callback (e.g. a call to the RefreshClientAppointmentProperties method). It also prevents an in-line editor from opening. Another way to suppress the in-line editor is to set the SchedulerOptionsCustomization.AllowInplaceEditor option to UsedAppointmentType.None.


The ASPxClientScheduler.AppointmentClick event is always raised before the AppointmentDoubleClick.

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