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AutoCompleteBoxPropertiesBase Properties

Contains the base settings specific to combo box and token box editors.
Name Description
AllowEllipsisInText Specifies if the combo box can automatically truncate the item's text if it doesn't fit into the item's width.
AllowMouseWheel Gets or sets a value that specifies whether an end-user is able to change the editor's value using the mouse wheel. Inherited from ButtonEditPropertiesBase.
AllowUserInput This property is not in effect for the AutoCompleteBoxPropertiesBase class.
AnimationType Gets or sets a value specifying the animation type used when the editor's drop down window is invoked. Inherited from DropDownEditPropertiesBase.
ButtonEditEllipsisImage Gets the settings which define the ellipsis image displayed within editor buttons. Inherited from ButtonEditPropertiesBase.
Buttons Gets the collection of editor buttons. Inherited from ButtonEditPropertiesBase.
ButtonStyle Gets the style settings used to paint the editor's buttons. Inherited from ButtonEditPropertiesBase.