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ASPxFormLayout Class

A form layout management control.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.v18.2.dll


public class ASPxFormLayout :
Public Class ASPxFormLayout
    Inherits ASPxDataWebControl
    Implements IControlDesigner


TheASPxFormLayout control is visually represented by a root group that can display other layout items, groups and tabbed groups.


The ASPxFormLayout control supports the following layout item types:

  • EmptyLayoutItem - represents a layout item that has no caption or nested control;
  • LayoutItem - represents a layout item that can display a nested control;
  • LayoutGroup - represents a group that can display other items, groups and tabbed groups;
  • TabbedLayoutGroup - represents a tabbed group that can display layout items as tabs.

To access the layout items that are displayed within the ASPxFormLayout control use the ASPxFormLayout.Items collection.

The input fields within the layout items can be marked as required or optional.


The ASPxFormLayout control provides you with a comprehensive client-side functionality implemented using JavaScript code.

The control's client-side API is enabled if the ASPxFormLayout.ClientInstanceName property is defined or any client event is handled.

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