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ASPxGridViewExporter Class

An ASPxGridViewExporter control used to export the ASPxGridView control's data.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.v18.2.dll


public class ASPxGridViewExporter :
Public Class ASPxGridViewExporter
    Inherits ASPxGridExporterBase

Related API Members

The following members accept/return ASPxGridViewExporter objects:


The ASPxGridViewExporter component allows you to export the ASPxGridView's data to a file or stream in various formats - PDF, RTF, XLSX, and XLS. To learn more, see Built-in Export .

Note that the ASPxGridViewExporter cannot export data columns that are hidden, nor can it export the content of templates. The exception is the ASPxGridView control within a GridViewTemplates.DetailRow template. ASPxGridViewExporter can identify a grid within this type of template, and allows both master and detail data to be exported.

Templated elements are exported with their default representation. For instance, if you export a grid with templated cells, they are represented as default labels with text in the obtained file.

  • Don't export the ASPxGridView's content during callbacks, because ASP.NET does not support sending binary content during a callback.
  • Before exporting a grid, the ASPxGridViewExporter component creates an export document on a server. Therefore, when you export a large amount of data to a server with limited memory, the OutOfMemoryException exception can appear.
  • Add the ASPxGridViewExporter to the page's controls and recreate it on every round-trip to the server if it's created dynamically.


This example demonstrates how to export grid data to a file in a PDF format using the ASPxGridBase.ExportPdfToResponse method.

PdfExportOptions options = new PdfExportOptions();
options.Compressed = false;
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