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ASPxButtonEditBase Class

Represents a base class for editors that allow edit buttons to be displayed within the client region.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.v18.2.dll


public abstract class ASPxButtonEditBase :
Public MustInherit Class ASPxButtonEditBase
    Inherits ASPxTextBoxBase
    Implements IPostBackEventHandler,


The ASPxButtonEditBase class serves as a base for the editors which can contain a number of edit buttons.

In addition to the common editor settings inherited from its ancestors, the ASPxButtonEditBase class declares type specific properties that, in particular, allow the editor's button collection to be maintained (ASPxButtonEditBase.Buttons), the button appearance customized (ASPxButtonEditBase.ButtonStyle, ASPxButtonEditBase.ButtonTemplate) and the button elements' spacing defined (ASPxButtonEditBase.Spacing), the path to the editor images folder specified (ASPxEdit.ImageFolder) and the manner in which to interpret HTML code contained within the editor's value defined (ASPxButtonEditBase.EncodeHtml). The ASPxButtonEditBase.ButtonClick event allows you to respond to clicks on the editor's buttons.

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