WeekViewStyles Properties

Contains settings that allow you to define the appearance of the Week view's visual elements.
Name Description
CssFilePath Gets or sets the path to a CSS file that defines the web control's appearance. Inherited from StylesBase.
CssPostfix Gets or sets a CSS class name postfix that identifies style settings to be applied to the control. Inherited from StylesBase.
DateCellBody Gets the style settings defining the appearance of a date cell body.
DateCellHeader This member is not in effect for this class. It is overridden only for the purpose of preventing it from appearing in Microsoft Visual Studio designer tools.
EnableDefaultAppearance Obsolete. Specifies whether to enable the control's default appearance. Inherited from StylesBase.
Theme Gets or sets the name of the Theme to be applied to a web control. Inherited from StylesBase.
TodayCellHeader Gets the style settings defining the appearance of the cell header that corresponds to today's date.
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