Panel Visual Elements

A dock panel is denoted by the ASPxDockPanel control and is a content placeholder, which can be moved and placed at any part of a page or can be docked to zones within a web page.


A panel may visually consist of the header, content region and footer sections.

The table below lists the main members that affect element appearance and functionality.

Characteristics Members
Animation ASPxPopupControlBase.EnableAnimation
Dragging Ability ASPxDockPanel.AllowDragging
Drag Element ASPxPopupControlBase.DragElement
Resizing Ability ASPxPopupControlBase.AllowResize
Size Constraints ASPxPopupControlBase.MinHeight, ASPxPopupControlBase.MaxHeight, ASPxPopupControlBase.MinWidth, ASPxPopupControlBase.MaxWidth
Scroll Bars ASPxPopupControlBase.ScrollBars
Allowed State ASPxDockPanel.AllowedDockState