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Member Table: Nodes


Member Description
ASPxTreeList.Nodes Provides access to the root nodes child collection.
TreeListNode.ChildNodes Gets a collection of nodes owned by the current node.
ASPxTreeList.GetAllNodes Returns a list of all nodes contained within the ASPxTreeList.
ASPxTreeList.ClearNodes Removes all nodes from the ASPxTreeList.
ASPxTreeList.GetSelectedNodes Returns a list of selected nodes.
ASPxTreeList.FocusedNode Gets the focused node.
ASPxTreeList.FindNodeByFieldValue Returns a node by its value in the specified column.
ASPxTreeList.FindNodeByKeyValue Returns a node by its key value.
ASPxTreeList.FindNodesByFieldValue Returns a list of nodes that contain the specified value in the specified column.
TreeListStyles.Node Gets the style settings used to paint nodes.


Member Description
ASPxClientTreeList.GetFocusedNodeKey Returns the focused node’s key value.
ASPxClientTreeList.SetFocusedNodeKey Moves focus to the specified node.
ASPxClientTreeList.GetVisibleNodeKeys Obtains key values of nodes that are displayed within the current page.
ASPxClientTreeList.GetVisibleNodeValues Obtains specified data source field values within nodes that are displayed within the current page, and submits them to the specified JavaScript function.