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IDrillThroughProcessorAsync Interface

Implements drill-through functionality in web reports and enables asynchronous operations.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraReports.Web.WebDocumentViewer

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraReports.v22.1.Web.dll


public interface IDrillThroughProcessorAsync


To add drill-through functionality to reports in an application, create a class that implements the IDrillThroughProcessorAsync interface. The CreateReportAsync method accepts the DrillThroughContext object and returns a report for display. At application startup you should call the ReportingConfigurationBuilder.UseAsyncEngine method and register a custom service with the ServiceCollectionServiceExtensions.AddScoped<TService,TImplementation> method:

using System;
using System.Text.Json;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using DevExpress.XtraReports.Services;
using DevExpress.XtraReports.Web.WebDocumentViewer;
// ...
    public class NavigateInfo {
        public string NavigateTo { get; set; }
        public string MasterID { get; set; }
    public class CustomDrillThroughProcessorAsync : IDrillThroughProcessorAsync {
        readonly IReportProviderAsync reportProviderAsync;

        public CustomDrillThroughProcessorAsync(IReportProviderAsync reportProviderAsync) {
            this.reportProviderAsync = reportProviderAsync;
        public async Task<DrillThroughResult> CreateReportAsync(DrillThroughContext context) {
            NavigateInfo navigateInfo = JsonSerializer.Deserialize<NavigateInfo>(context.CustomData);
            var reportNameToOpen = navigateInfo.NavigateTo == "back" ? "MainReport"
                : navigateInfo.NavigateTo == "details" ? "DetailReport1" : null;
            var report = await reportProviderAsync.GetReportAsync(reportNameToOpen, null) ?? context.Report;

            if(navigateInfo.NavigateTo == "details") {
                int catID = 0;
                Int32.TryParse(navigateInfo.MasterID, out catID);
                report.Parameters["categoryID"].Value = catID;
            return new DrillThroughResult(report);

View Example: How to provide drill-through functionality to web reports

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