DocumentViewerReportViewerSettings Members

Stores settings of the Document Viewer's ReportViewer.


Name Description
DocumentViewerReportViewerSettings(IPropertiesOwner) Initializes a new instance of the DocumentViewerReportViewerSettings class with the specified owner.


Name Description
AllowURLsWithJSContent Specifies whether or not the execution of the JavaScript code placed in URLs is allowed.
EnableReportMargins Specifies whether or not the report viewer should display document margins.
EnableRequestParameters When a report has parameters, defines whether or not a report document is auto-created when ASPxDocumentViewer is rendered on a Web page without submitting parameter value(s) via ReportParametersPanel.
ImagesEmbeddingMode Specifies the mode of embedding images inside a report viewer on the client, to enable cross-browser compatibility in different environments.
PageByPage Specifies whether a report should be displayed page-by-page, or an entire report's content should be displayed at once.
PrintUsingAdobePlugIn Specifies whether or not to print a report using the Adobe Reader® plug-in, assuming it is installed on the client's web browser.
ShouldDisposeReport Specifies whether or not a report should be disposed together with its associated Document Viewer.
TableLayout Determines whether to use the table or non-table layout in the displayed HTML document.
UseIFrame For internal use.


Name Description
Assign(PropertiesBase) Copies the settings from the specified PropertiesBase object to the current object.
Changed(PropertiesBase) Indicates the property that has changed its value.
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